Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Chinese Expert Proclaims That China Is Likely To Experience "An Epidemic" Of Human Bird Flu Cases In The Coming Months

One Chinese health official stated yesterday that China was likely to experience "an epidemic" of human bird flu cases in the coming months. This chilling warning comes at a time when China has announced its fourth human case of the bird flu in January alone.


This is getting frightening.

Another article on the Chinese bird flu situation has this headline: "China Fears Bird Flu Could Kill Thousands During Lunar New Year". That article described how medical experts now fear that bird flu could soon develop into a form that will cause a "pandemic that could kill millions of people worldwide."

Bird flu seems to become a bigger problem each year, and this year in particular it is hitting Asia really hard. In particular, India is on the verge of a bird flu panic as rumors of human to human bird flu transmission have also been spreading there.

Health authorities in Assam recently placed 300,000 people under surveillance in areas where the bird flu was spreading among poultry. Recent reports indicated that 150 people were suffering from fever and upper respiratory infections there.

The bird flu virus spread rapidly among poultry in six Assam districts. Authorities are claiming that the bird flu has now reached "epidemic" proportions among the birds of that area. More than 250,000 poultry have been slaughtered in Assam and an estimated 150,000 more birds were scheduled to be killed.

India had been hoping that the bird flu would be more under control this season. The World Health Organization described the January 2008 outbreak of the bird flu in neighboring West Bengal state, when more than 4 million birds were killed, as the worst bird flu outbreak ever in India.

However, it is not just India that is having massive problems with the bird flu. The disease is causing headlines all over Asia:

*Cambodia recently confirmed a new human case of the bird flu.

*Several weeks ago a hospital in Indonesia was overwhelmed when it admitted 17 patients believed to have bird flu in just 2 days.

*The government of Hong Kong recently shut down all chicken farms and markets, killed 80,000 chickens and halted chicken imports from mainland China after the bird flu virus was detected at a poultry farm there.

The bird flu is even popping up in the United States again. FoxNews is reporting that bird flu was recently found in a duck in the state of Rhode Island.

The truth is that the bird flu is as big of a threat as it ever has been. With all of humanity's technological advances, the reality is that a serious flu pandemic could still race across the earth and kill millions of us easily.

What will you do if a bird flu pandemic races across the world and millions start dying?

How do you think your neighbors will react?

Are you ready?

You better get ready.


  1. Please remember that a pandemic will only happen when it's actually meant to, by spores being released by those evil wicked controllers who are busily planning the 'best' way to cut down the population of the earth. Bird Flu is a manufactured virus as much as the enforced fear of it is. And they get the added benefit of slaughtering millions of feed animals, perpetuating fear of hunger in already food-impoverished nations.

  2. Good article, notwithstanding the ramblins of the previous comment.

    Yes, it's that time of year again where there's a spike in human cases, although this year is already shaping up much worse than previous years. Already 3 deaths in China and now two in Indonesia. How many are going unreported is anyone's guess.

    The bird to bird outbreaks currently ravaging poultry farms throughout SE Asia (a vast swathe of land stretching from Northern India to Southern China) have resulted in hundreds of thousands of birds being culled, and of course has increased the likelihood of the rare bird to human jump.

    What is now more worrying is the coming Chinese New Year holidays which, like the mother of all Thanksgivings, is about tens of millions of people criss-crossing the country to be with family and feast on chicken, the preferred cooking style still having blood visible around the bones.

    Individuals and business should make sure their preparations are completed and staff know what to do.

    For free references, resources and to join their free pandemic preparedness email eCourse program, go to Bird Flu Manual Online or, if you need more comprehensive tutorials, tools and templates, consider Bird Flu D-I-Y eManual for your pandemic preparedness.

  3. Looks like the above article was written by the FDA, or perhaps the DEC, or perhaps Gobbels ministry of disinformation... the elitests have asked for, and recovered the mysterious virus that was responsible for the death of millions during WWI, otherwise known as the Black Plague.
    The avian flu is designed by the globalist elites, aka..Rockerfellers,Kissingers, Club of Rome and Bilderbergers as an evil plot to thin out the undersireables, hear me well. Get ready for your Avian flu vaccinations, thats if you think the govt has your best interests at heart, or purchase a collodial silver generator and make your own anedote before the globalist ban them, as is currently being proposed by a "consumer advocacy group" because silver is a known pesticide?!
    Really now!