Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Bill Will Turn Old Military Bases Into FEMA Camps

On January 22nd, Representative Alcee Hastings [D-FL] introduced a new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act (also known as HR 645).

If Congress passes this bill, the Department of Homeland Security will be REQUIRED to establish national emergency centers (FEMA camps) on closed military bases.

For years, mainstream apologists have tried to deny that the government was putting together a network of FEMA detention camps across the United States. But now the wording of this new law would require that closed military bases be converted into Homeland Security "emergency centers". Just check out this language from the bill: "Wherever possible, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, shall designate a closed military installation as a site for a national emergency center."

You can see the entire text of this new bill here:


Let's take a look at some of the specific language in this bill.....

"In accordance with the requirements of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall establish not fewer than 6 national emergency centers on military installations."

This law would require that AT LEAST 6 FEMA camps be established on military installations around the United States. But it does not set a maximum. So the number of FEMA camps established under this law could be 6 or it could be 60.

"(4) to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security."

This language gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to use these FEMA camps for any purpose that he or she wishes. That is a truly sobering thought.

".....capable of meeting for an extended period of time the housing, health, transportation, education, public works, humanitarian and other transition needs of a large number of individuals affected by an emergency or major disaster"

Note that the law would require that these FEMA camps be able to house (or imprison?) large populations for an extended period of time. There camps are not just being set up as command and control centers - they are being designed to hold "a large number of individuals".

".....capable of hosting the infrastructure necessary to rapidly adjust to temporary housing"

Once again we see that these FEMA camps specifically have the purpose of "housing" people.

(c) Location of National Emergency Centers- There shall be established not fewer than one national emergency center in each of the following areas:

(1) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions I, II, and III.

(2) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV.

(3) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions V and VII.

(4) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region VI.

(5) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions VIII and X.

(6) The area consisting of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IX.

Please note that the law REQUIRES that at least one of these FEMA camps be established in specific FEMA regions.

Which FEMA region do YOU live in?

If the Secretaries of Homeland Security and Defense jointly determine that there is not a sufficient number of closed military installations that meet the requirements of subsections (b) and (c), the Secretaries shall jointly designate portions of existing military installations other than closed military installations as national emergency centers.

This part of the bill actually requires the use of an active military base for a FEMA camp if there are not enough closed military bases to do the job.

Where do you think the FEMA camp closest to your house will be established?

Are you ready to go to a "national emergency center" when the government declares martial law?

What will your response be if they come to put you on a train that will take you and your family to one of these camps?

But you know what one of the saddest things is?

The machinery of martial law is being put into place, and the American people are hardly uttering a peep in protest.


  1. That will be a good day to die.

  2. Preparing for the end of the united states as we know it?

    Take them all down and any resisters with them, even if it leads to the disintegration of the united states. That will be the end perhaps of this country but the bad guys as well.

    Good riddance, that is if it is to be over.

  3. The camps that have been photographed have razor wire around the top of the surrounding fence -- angled in! To keep people in, not out to keep intruders out! If it is emergency housing why is this type of fencing needed? Stock up on ammo while it is still available! I'm crippled but I can still shoot straight!

  4. Red DAWN with Patrick Swayze may become real except it won't be the Russian who put us in it, but Pelosi and Obama.

  5. ".....capable of meeting for an extended period of time the housing, health, transportation, education, public works, humanitarian and other transition needs of a large number of individuals affected by an emergency or major disaster"

    Major Disaster????? That's what frightens me. The Govt. must be getting the HARRP tuned up.

  6. So... what do we do? Sit here and type in our comments? Talking and emailing each other does nothing. We need to be talking and emailing the right people! Suggestions? Doing is an action word!

  7. @me... well if you're really waiting for directions on what should be done, how about call, or write your rep's in congress and the house and explain to them that you don't want this legislation to pass, the next best thing to do is go here 'http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h645/show' and print off the whole bill and start telling the sleeping masses...

  8. Bootes Akarab 777..... Well has anyone thought or considered that all the branches are controlled by the Democrats??? It would not be a suprise to see the senate coilture the bill and push it trough any way??? The train has left the station and the majority of people simply wont believe the truth even if they are told. I think Proverbs says " The prudent see danger aproching and take action and the simple keep on going and suffer"

  9. You right wingers are so brain dead--you scream about fascism and then SUPPORT and FURTHER IT. Bush has completely destroyed the Bill of Rights over the last 8 years--YOUR civil liberties are GONE--and he did it with the help and blessings of a GOP controlled Congress! Where were YOU when Bush & cronies were illegally wiretapping and spying on innocent US citizens? Where were YOU when he was passing the REAL ID ACT and so many more pieces of draconian dictator-driven Executive Orders [5,500 EO's in all] which turned this nation into a totalitarian state controlled by psychopaths like Cheney, Rove, Gonzales, Rice, Rumsfeld and a horde of others who need to be tried and executed for treason against the American people. Do you even have a clue as to how many nefarious pieces of fascist legislation have and ARE being passed right now? I doubt it. If you did you would understand that Congress itself is the cancer and it comes from BOTH SIDES--right and left.
    The GOP left a devastating legacy of paranoia, partisan obstructionism, pseudo-patriotic extremism and many Democrats have now bought into this extreme, neo-con, fascist, point of view. I'm sick to death of the hysterical rhetoric of right wing extremists blaming everything under the sun on liberals. Do you have your money in an FDIC protected acct.? Will you draw Social Security if it's still available when you retire? Every neo-con I know benefits from these programs and NONE is rejecting them based on political conscientious objection! What did the Right ever give this country except fascism, total destruction of the economy thru greed and deregulation and a 9 trillon plus deficit? Zero! What whining hypocrites!!!

  10. so now the concentration camps are starting to show up? im not suprised i new that the usa was heading down the same path as nazi germany, the only exception is we havent conquered the other nations that are next to us.. but that could change cause national socialism needs a lot of resources andmoney to keep the social programs going, and if our nazi run government feels the need to control more resources then we could see in the future an invasion of canada.(i doubt we would invade mexico, they are not worth conquering) no offense to any mexican nationals, but it is true.....

  11. I find this as sobering as the next man.. My hope is in Christ and the promise of salvation. Don't get me wrong. Nothing would inflame me more than to see this happen to the United States. But if we are to bicker about the differences in party preferences, what chance is there to change a country? How can we stand idly by and argue about past mistakes as the future is being sealed with money in a palm? History does repeat itself as I see the causes of the past wars appear in the demeanor and childish disputes of America's citizens... God help us.