Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unprepared Survivalist Freezes To Death In A Remote Montana Cabin

The survivalist dreams of one Oklahoma couple ended in tragedy when one of them froze to death in a remote Montana cabin. The husband, suffering from hypothermia and half starved to death, was discovered propped up against the dead body of his common-law wife.

This just goes to show how stupid a lot of novice survivalists can be.

According to authorities, the husband had plenty of weapons, but they had no firewood, their food was gone and their clothing was very insufficient for the weather.

Authorities said that Mickey Charlene Davis, 67, was dead for about two weeks when they found the cabin. Two of the couple's three dogs were found dead, and two cats were also found dead.

The moral of the story is this.....

If you want to be a "survivalist" you better know what you are getting into, and you had better be prepared.

There are things that are much, much more important to have than weapons.

Number one, you and your family are going to need food. Even if you plan to grow food you better have a substantial amount stored up. In the times that are coming, even those in the cities will need to store up plenty of food.

Number two, you and your family are going to need clean water. Is there an abundant supply of water near your home? Will you be able to boil water if you need to?

Number three, you and your family will need a warm place to sleep. Make sure you aren't just relying on the power company to keep your home warm in the winter. If you need firewood, start chopping now. Always make sure you have a backup plan.

Number four, you are your family will need warm clothing if you live in a colder climate. Always make sure to have plenty of blankets as well. If the couple in the example above had stored up enough blankets and warm clothing the wife MAY have survived.

Number five, always have a way to communicate with the outside world. If the husband had been able to call for help, his wife could have been rescued.

Number six, always have a backup plan for everything. When you are out there surviving on your own and things don't go according to plan, what are you going to do? Have a plan.

The reality is that times are only going to get harder and people WILL want to start heading for the hills. Do your research and find out what you are getting yourself and your family into. Those who are prepared will have the best chance to thrive during the times to come.

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