Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Will You Do When The World Begins To Run Out Of Water?

Once upon a time it was believed that humanity would always have an almost endless supply of fresh, clean water. Those days are gone. For the first time ever, ecologists are using the term "peak ecological water" to describe the approaching reality that the world is rapidly running out of clean fresh water.

While other environmental issues get the headlines, the danger of the world's looming water crisis is severely underreported by the world's media.

According to Dr. Peter Gleick, the president of the Pacific Institute, this crisis is one that people need to start paying attention to quickly: "Is there such a thing as ‘peak water’? There is a vast amount of water on the planet—but we are facing a crisis of running out of sustainably managed water."

In the same press release, Dr. Gleick also added this: "billions still lack the most basic water services."

It certainly doesn't help that some of the worst drought conditions in a generation are being experienced around the globe right now.....

*Australia recently experienced the worst drought it has ever recorded. In fact, according to the Australian government, the word "drought" makes farmers feel depressed and should be replaced with the word "dryness".

*California officials say that the drought in 2009 may be the worst in California history.

*Farmers in Argentina are struggling with the worst drought in 70 years.

*CNN reported that much of the U.S. is now experiencing a drought, and experts says that things could get much worse.

*In fact, 71 percent of Texas is in some stage of drought.

The extent of the problem facing all of us cannot be understated. The following are some very disturbing facts about the world's water crisis from water expert Maude Barlow.....

-Every eight seconds a child dies from drinking dirty water.

-A new desert the size of Rhode Island is created in China because of drought every single year.

-In the developing world, 90% of wastewater is discharged completely untreated into local rivers.

-By the year 2050, 1.7 billion people will live in "dire water poverty" and will be forced to relocate.

-Half of the world's hospital beds are occupied by people who have contracted waterborne diseases.

-The World Health Organization says contaminated water is the cause of 80% of all sickness and disease worldwide.

-Newborns in the global north consume 40 to 70 times more water than in the global south.

-In China, 80% of the major rivers are so polluted they don't support aquatic life at all.

-The women of South Africa collectively walk the equivalent distance to the moon and back 16 times a day for water.

What are you going to do when the world's fresh water really starts to run out?

During these end times it will be imperative that you have a reliable source of clean water for you and your family.

The truth is that the water crisis is getting worse every single day. If this problem is not addressed soon we will be facing a worldwide tragedy of a magnitude that is unimaginable.

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