Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eyewitness Testimony - People Who Have Been To Heaven And People Who Have Been To Hell

The number of people in western society who are totally rejecting Christianity is absolutely skyrocketing. In fact, as we have detailed in previous articles, outright animosity towards the Christian faith is reaching alarming levels.

But what is the truth?

Is there evidence that Christianity is real?

Can anyone give us some real answers?

Wouldn't it be nice if some people could actually go visit heaven and visit hell and tell us that they really exist?

Well, some people actually have.

Posted below are eyewitness testimonies from individuals who have seen heaven or who have seen hell. We would encourage you to view these accounts with an open heart and an open mind.....

To Hell and Back - Terrifying Accounts from Individuals Who Have Actually Been to Hell:

23 Minutes in Hell:

90 Minutes in Heaven:

An African Man Come Back to Life After being Dead for 3 days:

The evidence is in and it is conclusive - The Bible is real!

Christianity is the only faith that has the evidence to back it up.

It is time to face the overwhelming evidence for Christianity:

-God DOES exist:

-Jesus Christ really did come to the earth:

-Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead:

-All of this was foretold by God in the Bible with specificity:
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-Jesus is appearing to people all over the globe:


-Jesus is coming again and the signs that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:

If you want to know more about becoming a Christian, I would encourage you to visit this site:

If you have more questions, or you just want to leave your opinion, feel free to express yourself in the comments section below.


  1. Having a vision and visiting are two very different things. No one is in Hell, there has been no judgement of the dead, that is still to come. What loving God would send people to a burning Hell, before or even after judgement. The vision may not have come from God, it could have come from the devil.

  2. This is in response to Mark, Hello Mark, my name is Queen Dixon and I died and saw hell with my own two eyes. You are sadly decieved to believe that it does not exist and you are right, God does not SEND you anywhere. YOU DO! You have a will, the ability to choose who you will serve. Sadly, when people die and are condemned because of there UNREPENTED sins and go to hell, they cannot get out again and then the reality of where they are hits home! But by then, it is too late. I will pray that the veil of sin is removed from your eyes before it is too late.

  3. My testimony can be found on Number twelve from the top of the page. Be blessed in Jesus name and be warned that every soul born is immortal and will live on in one of two places for all eternity which has no end, HEAVEN or hell. Which will YOU choose? Queen Dixon

  4. The real problem is people when people don't believe Hell is real it's because they really really don't believe evil and satan is real. The proof demons are real is that they have blinded the minds of people who believe evil & hell is not real. Jesus said Hell was a real place and whoever says it is not is calling Jesus a liar! The word for calling Jesus a liar is HERETIC!

  5. Visions should never take the place of the BIBLE.
    Paul said if any preaches another Gospel even if it is an Angel do not believe it. No Christian redeemed from the curse of the law according to Galatians 3:13 is in Hell for not tithing like some of these people have reported. This would mean you are calling Paul the Apostle a liar when he said we are saved by grace through faith and it is not of works so no one can boast.
    I think people may have added a little more to it when they go against what the bible reports.
    Gal.2:16 makes it clear that no flesh shall be justified in his sight by the law even the tithe law. We have justification and eternal life through faith in Jesus and grace (unmerited favor) because of the payment Jesus made. Money cannot buy your way to Heaven not even your ten percent. Gal.2:21 I do not frustrate the Grace of God for if righteousness was by the law Christ died in vain.

  6. Okay, I tell you this. In my opinion noone has been sent to heaven or hell and returned. You die once and face judgement. No one is in hell right now. Also all these accounts of Demons torturing people, this is ridiculous..Hell is MADE for Satan and his demons, they're going to be tortured by their sins as much as anyone else!

    I do believe that people see visions from God, but this idea of people dying and then visiting heaven or hell is a bit iffy to me..because as far as I am aware, those who are dead are..dead..until the resurrection.

  7. Claire Andoun my beloveth let us read this amazing testimony . GOD took this broda to heaven and hell..see how a sister was thrown to hell because of her trousers. a man of GOD was refused heaven because of a small spot of worldliness on his garment. OUR GOD IS SO HOLY .GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU READ IT IJN.

  8. I think what people are failing to realize is that the King James Bible has unfortunately mistranslated most of the words from Aramaic/Hebrew. This is not my opinion but a known fact which has been admitted by the King James production team ( They have stated that they are aware of the mistranslations & are hoping to redo & publish an accurately translated version ) The word in Hebrew used in the Rich man & poor whom went to "hell"was not hell, the original word is "SHEOL"; That being said it does not mean that there is no place of torment, it does not matter what a place is called, what matters is it's existence. Many people who do not believe in hell point out that the same very teachings contradict b/c the teachings state that when you are dead NO ONE CAN LEAVE "HELL" BUT what they are failing to see is that they themselves by pointing that out are giving themselves their own answer. Yes, once you die & go to hell no one can escape, BUT the people whom have had "NEAR DEATH" experiences have not FULLY died in where rigormortis has set in. That is why it is called a "NEAR DEATH" experience. So if you are not dead in a complete sense then it is possible to see the vision or experience going to and coming back, they are experiencing & seeing the "visions", they are in hell BUT have not gone to hell or have not been damned to hell completely because they have not completely died yet, therefore their is the loophole God allows for people to experience these things & come back & speak of them. If you do not believe the people who have gone to hell & back then you can not believe the ones that have gone to heaven & back either. What I'm saying is I believe that people have experienced & seen PARTS of both heaven or hell or both. I say parts because their are different parts of these places & NO ONE has experienced or seen fully ALL of heaven or ALL of hell except for those that have truly passed on & obviously they aren't saying. NOW I definitely agree with the comment in regards to Tithing, People going to hell for tithing, come on? That is not only ridiculous BUT completely the opposite of what scripture states. Good deeds are great but they alone will not get into heaven; Also what would happen to all those that just simply can not b/c it is just not in their means to do so; Get real, how can anyone buy that. There are many other ways someone who can not tithe can give to the lord, The greatest gift of all which is loving God with all their heart soul & mind which is the greatest commandment & the answer that JESUS GAVE to the scholar when asked how to live eternally. Jesus answered that to live eternally one must Love God with all his heart, soul & mind & Love his neighbor the same! He didn't say to live eternally make sure you give money to your church, this is something that yes we should do & is written but not something that will get you to hell. That alone will not get you to hell! So If you are a great person, lobe God with all your heart, soul & mind & your neighbor as yourself, follow God's laws but were not able to tithe do you actually think you'll be put in hell OR put yourself in hell.

  9. I should have mentioned that my specialty is World Spiritual Belief Systems from ancient to present, paranormal research, research on the unexplained or mysterious & similar research. So I have done my fair hand in research of these things and that is almost comical if were not so sad that someone would invent something like that. They probably think they are doing "good" by scaring people & hence bringing them closer to God, so they are justifying their own sin of telling "lies". I'm pretty experienced in being able tell which are "true & legit" stories & which are fabricated such as The song being sung called "Citizen of hell"; Every documented story of experiencing the after life that has been "proven" true & even the ones not proven ALL have many things in common BUT there is 1thing that sticks out most which they have in common & that is that the people in which they claim to have seen in hell were NOT just from one "particular" faith or nationality, actually their sins are what is mentioned NOT the church they belonged to & at the end of Citizen of hell she tells you you stay away from a particular church because they are from Satan. ALL people who have claimed to have gone to hell & back have ALL said that they were never once told or shown a person who was their for belonging to the "Catholic Church", or the "Lutheran Church", or the "Greek Orthodox Church", or the "Protestant Church", or the "Baptist Church", or even for belonging to another faith. They were there for believing or not believing, for what they did or failed to do, for being Atheists, for living selfish lives, for have neglected & rebuked God. That is the 1 thing ALL these stories have in common, stories given by different people. These stories are told by peoples "RAISED" Baptist, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Pentecostal, Mormon, & ALL different faiths. So for only 1 person to out of all to claim she heard a song being sung while she was in hell & to claim to stay away from a "particular" faith & church is a sin in and of itself. I will pray for these people who feel they need to lie or to scare people into getting close to God; Getting close to God is a beautiful process & relationship, it's something magical, majestic, and something we choose from our hearts through the gift of free will, not through fear but through love for it was through love of humanity that he Gave his only son, for love of us that he gave up his life, so through love we go to him! Not through fear; yes fear of God is good, but if you know about translations & understand that Aramaic & Hebrew words are very different then you would know that "Fear Of God" means MANY things, it means RESPECT, AWE, fear of God also means to obey God;

  10. Heaven and hell is real.No matter the argument on it .we need to preach the gospel and influence the lives of men and women for God.we will surely give account of how we spent our lives here.

  11. 'conclusive evidence' don't make me laugh you idiot. I'm guessing all of these examples took place in the USA? Of course they did......

  12. Guys guys, fear god before it is too late, im trying to live a better live, I stopped having alcohol cause it brings out the worst in me, im still young, stopped it cause I dont want to spend the rest if my eternal in hell!!!!
    Jesus is merciful, nit worthy to enter heaven but it is also because that he died for my sins that I will have a fat chance of making it to heaven if I believe in Jesus alone, cause we can only get to heaven through Jesus. Our saviour!!! And I love him!!!!! Amen!!!

    1. I dont believe that Jesus would send you to hell for drinking or not bieng christian. If you are an alcoholic it is not your fault that you are addicted to drinking. Sometimes it is so hard to stop.