Friday, February 13, 2009

U.K. Energy Experts Will Visit EVERY Home To "Help Them Go Green"

In the U.K., you are going to be "environmentally friendly" whether you like it or not. Under a new government plan, energy experts in the U.K. are going to visit every home in the country in order to "help them go green".

It is being called "The Great British Refurb" and it is part of a sweeping U.K. government plan to reduce carbon emissions.

Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, has announced that teams of "energy advisers" will go "house by house, street by street" to tell people what they must do in order to become eco-friendly.

It looks like Big Brother's cousin, "Green Brother", has arrived in the U.K.

So who is expected to pay for all of these improvements?

The homeowners.

Well, yes, there are going to be "loans" and "tax incentives", but in the end it is the homeowners who will be expected to foot the bill.

While becoming more "eco-friendly" is a goal that many people have, it is troubling the degree to which governments in the western world are now controlling our lives.

They tell us what kind of light bulbs we can use, how much tomato must be in our tomato sauce and increasingly even what we can say and think.

The truth is that those of us in the western world don't live in "free" societies any longer. We are regulated and controlled in a thousand different ways.

Even though it is now the year 2009, the reality is that every day we take one more step towards 1984.

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