Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Should Christians Practice Yoga?

Should Christians practice yoga?

There are literally thousands upon thousands of Christians across the United States and Canada who are taking "Christian yoga" classes this very day. Most see it as a fun, harmless form of exercise.

In fact, there are websites such as http://www.christianyoga.com/ that enthusiastically promote a "Christian" form of these ancient practices.

But is it harmless?

Is there more to yoga than just exercise?

The truth is that over ten million Americans are practicing some form of yoga, but the vast majority of them have absolutely no idea what they are involving themselves in. The reality is that you can't take yoga out of Hinduism and you can't take the Hinduism out of yoga.

For instance, did you know that "yoga" is literally a Sanskrit word that means to yoke with Brahman?

Did you know that many of the mantras that yoga instructors have their followers chant are actually the names of Hindu gods?

Did you know that many of the practices of yoga are specifically designed to call forth Hindu deities?

Did you know that a large percentage of those who get involved with yoga also get involved with Hinduism, New Age religion and the occult?

In Exodus 23:13 it says this: "Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips."

If you chant the names of Hindu gods and you participate in practices designed to call them forth, that is an abomination to God.

By participating in yoga, you are participating in false religion.

If you go over to India and ask the "gurus", they will tell you that yoga is pure Hinduism.

Many Christians get sucked into "just an exercise program", but later on they end up getting deeply involved in Hinduism, New Age religion and even occultic practices.

The truth is that yoga and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other, and if you are a Christian that is involved with yoga then you really need to watch this short YouTube video:


  1. Just as a single force in space can be mathematically conceived as having various spatial components, the Supreme Being or God, the personal form of the Ultimate Reality, is conceived by Hindus as having various aspects. A Hindu deity (god or goddess; note small g) represents a particular aspect of the Supreme Being. For example, Saraswati represents the learning and knowledge aspect of the Supreme Being. Thus, if a Hindu wants to pray for acquiring knowledge and understanding, he prays to Saraswati. Just as sunlight cannot have a separate and independent existence from the sun itself, a Hindu deity does not have a separate and independent existence from the Supreme Being. Thus, Hindu worship of deities is monotheistic polytheism and not simple polytheism.

  2. Why is it that Christains who belive god made all things say that almost everything that they dont like or dont aggree with is evil. If god made everything then you should be able to use everything to serve him. yoga can be useed to help relax the mind and body so that u can see things that God is showing you, its not just a way to let satan in. besides Cristains are the ones that tell people that they cant wear some cloths or if you have a tatto or percings then ur a bad person, and you wont invite them to your church or to your sunday cook out because they dont look like you or act the way you think they should. SO i dont think that you should tell people that they cant do something you should just tell them what you think is right and show them where you got your info at and let them decied for themselves. god said come as you are so let people come to him and let him change them not you.

  3. indeed, what about 1cor8. I'm at liberty to even eat meat sacrificed to idols, because i don't believe in those idols.