Monday, August 24, 2009

The Frightening Agenda Of The International Swine Flu Conference

Last Friday, the first ever international swine flu conference wrapped up with very little fanfare. This conference held in the heart of Washington D.C. included some of the most prominent health officials from all over the globe, and the focus of the conference was on making plans for what many experts believe will be a major worldwide health crisis in the fall.

You would think that this would be very important news. A major international health conference about the biggest health story of the year certainly seems newsworthy to us.

But did you hear about this conference on the news?

Did the talking heads on television say anything about it?

Did this conference make any of the major newspapers?

Well, no.

But what WAS discussed at this international swine flu conference will shock many of you. The following are selected agenda bullet points that we pulled directly out of the conference agenda.....

*Mass Fatality Management Planning

*Business Continuity Planning

*Manage interruptions in food, fuel & essentials supply chains & establish stockpiles

*Effectively undertake mass vaccinations

*Enforce quarantines

*Protect police forces from falling ill & from being hurt in civil disturbances

*Control & diffuse social unrest & public disorder

*Anticipate interruptions in food, fuel and essentials supply chains & establish stockpiles

*Plan for 30-40 percent drop in labor force

A 30-40 percent drop in the labor force?

Mass vaccinations?

Forced quarantines?

Social unrest?

Mass fatalities?

Is this seriously what they are anticipating?

An excellent YouTube video by Jesse Woodrow examining the agenda of this meeting in detail is posted below.....

The truth is that global health authorities are preparing for a massive worldwide health emergency in the fall and winter. Perhaps now is a good time for all of us to start stocking up on some emergency food and supplies in case this things gets really bad.

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  1. The conference agenda from which everyone is copying is a SCAM. The site (and likely the PDF) contains malware. Check the site with AVG's Linkscanner!

    Please be careful when reading this sort of thing. There have been several PDFs lately with "swine flu information" which have contained malware, including attempting to steal bank account information.