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Why Nobody Should Celebrate The Evil Occult Holiday Of Halloween (Samhain)

This upcoming Saturday night, tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the world will celebrate the occult holiday of Halloween otherwise known as Samhain. Most will simply dress up in costumes, go to parties and send their children out trick-or-treating. But is there more to this holiday than just a little seemingly harmless fun? The truth is that for occultists, pagans and Satanists, this is one of the most important (if not THE most important) days of the year, and the kind of incredibly twisted rituals and sacrifices that take place on Halloween every single year are more horrifying than most people would dare to imagine.

The reality is that long before October 31st became "All Hallows' Eve" (the evening before the "All Saints Day" of Catholicism), the pagan festival of "Samhain" was celebrated for centuries. It is a very dark, very evil holiday that is celebrated by the rapidly increasing number of pagans around the globe. It is also a high Satanic day for Satanists.

If you do not believe this, you can view a list of Satanic holidays for yourself right here:

You can also view Samhain on a list of pagan holidays for 2009 right here:

October 31st is a night when darkness will be celebrated.

What kind of darkness?

One Christian minister that we know personally has told us of one women who was delivered out of the occult who was involved in the most evil things imaginable each year on Halloween. For as long as she was involved in the occult, she would purposely get pregnant just so that she could have a new baby before Halloween each year so that she and her coven would have a human baby to sacrifice on Halloween each year.

Unfortunately that is not a joke.

It is very real, and it is happening in America every year.

In fact, it may be happening in your neighborhood this Halloween night.

But the truth is that the vast majority of people, including most Christians, seem to have no problem with Halloween at all.

For instance, Christianity Today, one of the largest Christian magazines in the United States, published an article on Halloween last year that said this: "Christians should embrace the devilish holiday with gusto".

Christians should embrace a "devilish holiday"?

What in the world?

Even some of the most prominent evangelical leaders in the United States are not afraid to openly endorse Halloween.

“Sure, go ahead and let the kids dress up like Batman and hit up your neighbors for candy” wrote Chuck Colson, chairman and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministry, in an article on Halloween.

One Presbyterian youth minister even went so far as to write an article entitled "Halloween, the Christian Holiday". In his article he tells Christians who don't like his point of view this: "If you don't like Halloween for whatever reason, fine. But don't ruin it for the rest of us Christians."

But the truth is that those who are against Halloween are very much in the minority.

A Gallup Poll that was taken last year on attitudes about Halloween found that 84 percent of Americans said they would spend money on costumes, decoration, or candy for Halloween, while only 16 percent of Americans said that they would not spend any money on Halloween.

But there are some Christians who reject Halloween, and many of them are those who have been delivered out of Satanism or the occult.

Tom Sanguinet, a former high priest in the Celtic tradition of Wicca says this about Halloween: "Halloween is purely and absolutely evil, and there is nothing we ever have or will do that would make it acceptable to the Lord Jesus."

Christian author Johanna Michaelsen is very clear about how she feels about Halloween:

"There is another religious group which is equally serious about its Halloween celebrations: the satanists. Halloween to them is a more sinister and direct celebration of death and Satan; they celebrate [it] as one of his two highest holy days. At Halloween the sacrifices of some of these satanic cults are unspeakably vicious and brutal" (Like Lambs To The Slaughter, Johanna Michaelsen, p.190).

The truth is that the things that happen on Halloween night are so horrible that it is hard to even talk about them. One very courageous woman has recounted the horrors that she was put through as a little girl on one Halloween night.....

"One of the hardest involved being up in the canyon at the lodge where they gathered. Very late into the night of the moons shining upon them they would begin. After the normal families left and the "die hards" lit the bonfire and continued to binge on the feasts and drink the hard booze it would commence. There was a man who was the leader. He would "all gather, lets get this thing on the road" and cheers would sound up as the wild tones would echo. I and other kids, children of the others there were in a cabin like building. The big kids would then get the little kid that was chosen by the adults. That night it was me....."

You can read the rest of her tragic story here:

Bizarre rituals and human sacrifices DO take place each and every Halloween.

Here is how one person describes her own personal experience with Halloween and witchcraft:

"Another kind of sacrifice in this particular coven is live human sacrifice. Here is how it goes. A baby is born at home. No record of birth, never a doctors visit. If the baby is a girl, she is safe (for that day), if the baby is a boy, he is taken to the coven meeting and is blood sacrificed in the name of Satan."

The reality is that Halloween is NOT about fun and games. If you do not know the facts about Halloween, we encourage you to read an excellent article that someone put together entitled "The Dark Side of Halloween".

In addition, we suggest you check out the YouTube video that we put together on Halloween that is posted below:

Hopefully after going through all of this material you can see how evil the holiday of Halloween really is. The good news is that if you are trapped in Satanism or the occult you can be set free by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is very real, He loves you, and he wants to set you free and give you eternal life:

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  1. I personally am a Wiccan, but I find this absolutely disgusting. I follow the saying "and harm ye none, do what ye will". The stuff you have exposed on Halloween (Samhain) is most definitely harmful and should be done by noone. All that I do in my life, and through my religion, is to try and benefit every human soul that I can, even the ones that have yet to enter the world. If I EVER see something like this going on, I will do everything in my power to stop it and bring those responsible to justice. However, I say that kids should be allowed to go trick-or-treating. That part of halloween is harmless, other than the tooth decay from the sugar :P.