Monday, February 2, 2009

It Has Become Fashionable To Mock Christians

Have you all noticed how it has become perfectly acceptable to mock Christians in modern society?

Christianity is regularly mocked on mainstream television shows such as the Simpsons, in movies such as "Religulous", "Saved!" and "Jesus Camp" and in countless standup comedy acts and in countless internet forums across the internet.

Even Nancy Pelosi's daughter is making a documentary that mocks evangelical Christians.

Some of the worst mockery of the Christian faith has come in recent books.

Just consider the titles of a few recent New York Times bestsellers.....

*"God is Not Great: Why Religion Poisons Everything" by journalist Christopher Hitchens.

*"The End of Faith" by atheist author Sam Harris.

*"The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.

And there is absolutely no uproar.

In fact, the mockery towards Christians only seems to be picking up steam.

Even this blog is starting to get some heat from the Christian haters.

A reader named "bobxxxx" left this comment on one of our threads the other day.....

"You believe in the End Times idea? If that's true then you're a danger to the human race and you should be locked up."

Well, take heart "bobxxxx" - if you read our recent article entitled "New Bill Will Turn Old Military Bases Into FEMA Camps" then you know that they are already building those camps.

But I plan to avoid them for as long as possible if you don't mind.

But what nobody can seem to do is to escape the explosion of anti-Christian propaganda. There is a literal explosion of atheist and anti-Christian websites on the internet.

We found one the other day that is called "God is for Suckers!" It purports to show that anyone who believes in Christianity is a moron.

We even found a "map of heaven" floating around the internet.

This piece of mockery includes "an angel boot camp", a "line for God's lap", a "hall of heroes" and an "America Land".

You can see a large version of this map here:

Where you can see some of the most outrageous anti-Christian propaganda is on internet forums where people think that they are anonymous and can say anything that is on their mind. The following are the titles of just a few anti-Christian threads from an internet forum that we like to visit.....

“Dirty, Filthy, Christians”: Treatise On The Most Dangerous Death Cult In Human History

How can we destroy Christians?

Christians should not participate in politics

Why Christians are so ******* lame...

Attention Heterosexuals! Repent! Jesus Can Finally Make You Gay!

Christian are sub-humans

Unfortunately it is only going to get worse folks.

The Scriptures tell us that Christians will be persecuted in the end times.

In Matthew 24:9, Jesus is speaking specifically about the end times and He tells us how the world will treat Christians at that time.....

"Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me."

So if you are a Christian get ready for even more persecution.

The reality is that by the end ALL nations are going to hate us.

Decide right now that you will be strong for Him.

The times ahead are going to be bumpy.


  1. is this a joke? how many Christians inhabit the earth?

  2. I have been experiencing this more and more and more. The thing that bothers me the most is that these people are angry at Christians for being intolerant, but in the same breath they speak the most hateful intolerance I've ever heard, and no one cares.

  3. Christians get the most flak because there's so many of them. It's a numbers game. And that's so because Christians did spread themselves quite far and wide over several centuries (this is one of the reasons the religion gets attacked).

    Of all the religions, Christianity has permeated mainstream society the most. Christmas, Easter and the like are public holidays. Few other religions have this privilege and, where they do, they don't often get the credit.

    I'm not condoning intolerance of course. It's just that Christianity has a bad rap for intolerance and still seems to be getting attacked for it. It's easier to laugh along than stand up and be ridiculed; i think that's why most people stand aside as the not-thems are mocked. This is a typically human trait.

    Nonetheless, my advice is let people be people; there ain't no way you're going to stop them and by pushing back, you're only adding fuel to the fire. In the same breath, be as tolerant and understanding of other people and faiths yourself, and you'll find that fewer people will attack you personally.

  4. I agree. It is definitely getting worse.

    Especially with these type of opinions flooding the net, and the availability for anyone (and everyone) including teens and young adults, the problem is only growing.

    Not to mention the new big idea: Anti-chrsitianity on Billboards and buses.

    I think as Christians, we shouldn't lash out, but continue to portray the message of Christ in positive and meaningful ways.

    Oh yeah, and follow the same suit: Use the internet as much as humanly possible in order to try and keep up with everyone that is against him....

    *Great post by the way*

  5. Here is a Question for the - Complicit with War Crimes - Christians out there: --- The U.S. Coffers have been looted by it's own Politicians and Bankers, record unemployment, U.S. is Now a nation of Torture, Record debt in the Trillions of $$$, Voting Fraud, Involvement in Numerous Wars, US Currency near Worthless, Foreign nations buying up US property, 27 Pharmaceutical drugs found in Drinking water, Forced Mercury laden vaccinations, Record high Cancer rates, Heart disease & Diabetes, unaffordable healthcare, Jobs out sourced overseas, Jack-boot-brutal Law Enforcement, Corporate Elite Corruption, just to name a few small problems,.... Now, can you Tell me again how America is Blessed for Supporting Israel?

  6. christianity ? has anyone seen it practiced ? and it seems to me that all religions are getting mocked, isn't that one of those defining things about having religious views, you suffer the mockery of those who don't follow your beliefs. You can do what the non-believers of your religion do feel sorry for yourselves or you can go to your teachings and pretty much have hapy lives and pray for the others, if your religion says you must kill those who mock you then there is some religious war, happens all the time. Religious people set aboout to kill some one else, they say God says they have to do this, the others are wrong bad evil, they don't believe in Jesus, God, Mohamed, Krishna Like I do, and it pisses me off. My righeous anger is all I need. God is on my side! Not too many of the forgiving, compassionate religious people make it to the forefront - oh well their message is not so ubiqutious.

  7. What's wrong with Richard Dawkins anyway? His book is good to read, any Christians here read that book? Which part of it you don't agree with?

  8. excellent article. i am a christian in my first year of journalism, and will never back down from my faith, even with the whole world closing in with blind hatred. the people commented here need to stop living in denial making excuses, real christians don't judge people, and the followers of this anti-christian bigotry are some of the most malicious hatefull people on the face of the earth; maybe you need to look within at your own insecurities and not try to blame it on others.

  9. PLEASE. If you are so concerned about these sites and this abuse, why point it out with clear links to the sites that will only build their Google ranking.

    In case you haven't noticed, Christianity does MUCH better under persecution - we have to actually stand up for our beliefs, rather than just have the rest of the world go along with us. You should be MORE concerned that people aren't proclaiming their faith than you are with the non-believers proclaiming THEIR faith in nothing.

    My favorite is the bipolar comments from "marktarnovesky"...
    "real christians don't judge people... the followers of this anti-christian bigotry are some of the most malicious hatefull people on the face of the earth"
    Wait, I'm confused...

  10. "Have you all noticed how it has become perfectly acceptable to mock Christians in modern society?"

    Why would it be unnacceptable to mock Christianity or any other idealogy? Religious people mock Atheists often, even to the point where the word itself is used as an insult. Everyone is free to believe as they wish and express that belief. If your faith can't take mockery from non-believers, then how strong can that faith really be?

  11. jedinform, I have an answer to your question. In very large groups of people like tribes, nations, and countries, the effects of societies actions have ramifications that take a while to come about. A society of a hundred thousand maybe a few years, millions maybe a hundred years. This country grew to a powerhouse over it's first 150 years while 95 percent of the people were Christians and had a strong sense of moral code. Think about the morality then and the morality we have now. As soon as more and more people like you start to think morality doesn't matter and we as humans should do whatever we feel like doing because we are free a society starts to come apart. It has happened to every nation since the beginning of time. They always start out with a high moral code and prosper. Then as they reach a great prosperity and everything becomes easy they turn to entertainment and fulfilling every lust they have for worldly things. hard work and moral code go out the window and lust for everything you can get your hands, tongue, and body part on become the peoples god. Soon the society crumbles under it's own decadence and a new society moves in and starts with a high moral code because they know it is needed for a society to exist. It is the constant chirping from "progressive people" like little kids that want more candy, that say a little of this won't hurt, and a just a little more of that won't be of any harm, and I should be able to do whatever I want type of talk wears down the moral code and the process starts all over. Name a nation that has lasted forever. Why hasn't one done it? Any logical reason why they must fall? We will never come close to the Roman empire which lasted a little over 900 years. They slowly fell into decadence over a long period of time. We have blown into it fully in only 200 years. We have 50 years left at the very best. First the country will be divided because the two schools of thought simply cannot coexist. the next great society believe it or not is coming from Africa and Asia where they are adopting higher moral codes for society and Christianity is spreading. Sat bye bye to the country you love, land of the free and home of the brave. The founding fathers made one big mistake in creating the bills that now lead us. they left them to open and to soft. They in their wildest dreams never thought people would one day stretch craziness to these levels. If you asked George Washington and Thomas Jefferson what they thought about a man getting married to another man because they like having sex with each other they would have looked at you like you were a martian. Then they would have probably shot you.

  12. You know why mockingof christians is getting so common?

    Because christians are getting increasingly ridiculous.

    When people mock at you and laugh at you, you are not "suffering for GOD"

    You just need to start to self-reflect and think and maybe change your hateful attitude.

  13. It's true that political Christians are getting increasingly bizarre and it's true that religion as a whole is declining, I think in America and worldwide.

    Jews are less likely to cleave to Judaism or Israel.

    Christians are less likely to be churchgoing, let alone practicing.

    However, I think Christians perceive an outside attack for the same reasons Jews perceive anti-Semites who want to restart the Holocaust, everywhere. It's your own paranoid perspective, plus the Internet sorta magnifies that.

  14. If you asked George Washington and Thomas Jefferson what they thought about a man getting married to another man because they like having sex with each other ---

    why this sudden seeming epidemic of exposure of avowed anti-homo Christians who are caught in homosex and or pedophilia, like that Florida Congressman?

    Why did Tony Perkins admit to covering up for Foley's crimes, simply telling page boys to avoid him?

    I've never had a homosexual craving in my life. I've never had to fight off a gay obsession or desire. Nor do I care if another Man (or woman) does want to have sex with or marry someone of the same sex. I'm not trying to dictate others' lives.

    Yet Christians (at least in the media) seem to be constantly wrestling with their own homosex cravings, and losing repeatedly, and lying to conceal the truth from their peers. (And then getting "cured" by a few weeks of prayer sessions. Please.)

  15. Get over yourself, people who mock Christians are generally mocking "Christians" who preach intolerance of other lifestyles and religions and pass judgement on everyone around them. Go ahead and peacefully practice your religion, read the what your own scriptures say about who should be casting the first stone and who should be judging, charity and all that jazz...

    I mean seriously read your own books, clean your own house and stop doing riducule worthy things.

  16. Even if we all cleaned up our acts, everyone would still bring up the crusades or something like. Also, the proper attitude is "That's bad that people are being killed regardless of who they are." something that I have yet to hear. The most common response is "Serves them right." Well, damn, that's a good way to run the world. If we were all gone, would that be the prevailing attitude towards others?

  17. Christianity, in its true form as it was meant to be by God, is not judgmental. Scripture commands us not to judge one another, because we all are fallen short of righteousness. Christians who mock other religions are acting in a way that is childish. Christians who hate people because of what they do cannot claim the salvation of Christ! For if we exclude people because of their sin, how can we ourselves not be excluded? For in a parable Jesus said, "You who have judged shall be judged according to those same standards." We are not to hate other people, just the lifestyles or habits that they are doing. I know some awesome homosexual people. They are very nice and polite. I love them. But I hate their homo lifestyle. It's not right according to what I believe. But I don't condemn them for it! That's the part that trips people up. Because so many Christians don't understand this, nonChristians think that we hate them as people.
    And as for suffering? We are honored to suffer as it points out the nature of the sufferings of Christ on the cross! We need to strap ourselves in and take on the mindset of Peter and John who "Left the council, rejoicing that they had been counted worthy to be shamed for the Name."

    1. THANK YOU!!!! Everything you've said here is exactly right. I've been watching for someone to say something like this. If people have some sin in their lives (like homosexuality), that's between them and God. It's not our job to judge them. I have a friend who's gay and another friend whose mom is lesbian. Even though I disagree with these lifestyles, I love both of them for who they are. It's not my job to judge them, it's God's. Finally, someone who has the right idea!!