Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Evangelical Who's Who Sign A Letter Declaring That Allah Is God

A "who's who" of evangelical Christian leaders, including Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, Brian McLaren, Richard Cizik and Bill Hybels, have signed a letter to the Muslim community entitled "Loving God And Neighbor Together" that openly equates Allah with the Christian God. This letter was in response to an open letter from 138 prominent Islamic leaders entitled "A Common Word between Us and You" which stressed that the "unity of God" is "thus the common ground between Islam and Christianity."

Both of these letters again and again talk of "God" as if both Christians and Muslims recognize and worship the exact same being.

But is this the case?

Of course not!

Christians believe in a Triune God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), while Islam vehemently rejects the deity of Jesus Christ. Instead they worship "Allah" which in reality was an ancient tribal moon god.

The title of the Muslim letter, "A Common Word Between Us and You", sounds so peaceful though, doesn't it?

However, it actually comes from a passage in the Quran that calls for Christians ("people of the book") to deny the Trinity and to submit to Allah as "the one true God".....

O People of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah. (Quran, Sura 3:64)

But instead of rejecting such overtures, the response by over 300 prominent Christian leaders warmly welcomes them. In fact, the Christian letter refers to "god" using terms that Muslims commonly ascribe to Allah. For example, consider this line from "Loving God And Neighbor Together".....

Before we “shake your hand” in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One

Do you understand what this means?

The "All-Merciful One" is one of the key names for Allah in Islam.

So essentially the Christians are openly praying to Allah and asking for his forgiveness in this letter.

Not only that, in the letter the Christian ministers openly applaud Islamic devotion to Allah.....

We applaud that A Common Word Between Us and You stresses so insistently the unique devotion to one God

There is nothing in the letter about faith in Jesus Christ being necessary for salvation.

Nothing at all about the cross.

Instead, the letter describes the "god" in the Islamic letter (Allah) as "the God whom we should love above all things". Just check out this passage from the letter where once again the Muslim God is openly equated with the Christian God.....

We find it equally heartening that the God whom we should love above all things is described as being Love. In the Muslim tradition, God, “the Lord of the worlds,” is “The Infinitely Good and All-Merciful.”

Not only that, but the Christian letter calls Muhammed a Prophet with a capital "P" a number of times.

How in the world could Muhammed be a Prophet if he constantly denied the divinity of Jesus Christ?

But this letter from over 300 very prominent Christian leaders openly calls Muhammed a Prophet.

The Christian letter goes on to state that if Christians and Muslims fail to make peace, "our eternal souls" may be in jeopardy.....

If we fail to make every effort to make peace and come together in harmony you correctly remind us that “our eternal souls” are at stake as well.

What in the world?

That has nothing to do with real Christianity at all.

In real Christianity, "our eternal souls" are saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

In the final paragraph of the letter we once again see the Christian God equated with the Islamic "god", and Christians and Muslims are urged to meet together and determine "how God would have us fulfill the requirement that we love God".....

We are persuaded that our next step should be for our leaders at every level to meet together and begin the earnest work of determining how God would have us fulfill the requirement that we love God and one another.

By affirming that Allah is God, the 300 Christian leaders in this letter are denying the Triune God of the Bible. The reality is that the Quran denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God no less than nine times.

This letter represents apostasy of the highest order. It is another huge step towards the one world religion and one world church of the last days. The Christian ministers who signed this letter have denied their faith and have brought shame to their ministries and congregations.

Therefore, we are calling for the immediate resignation of each and every Christian minister that signed this letter.

You can find a list of the Christian leaders that signed this letter here:


You will likely recognize quite a few names on that list.

Please share this with your family and friends, and join with us in demanding the resignation of the ministers on this list.

Christians and Muslims working together and worshipping the same "god" is not the only hope for mankind.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only hope for mankind.

What a sad state the Church is in.


  1. wow ya. thank you for bringing this to our attention. i'm surprised there hasn't been more reaction. (or did i miss it?)

    let's say there are two definitions of the "Christian church": (1) those who profess to be [and indeed, what a sad state], and (2) the true Bride of our Lord... praise God that she is doing very very well.

  2. Hmm? I wonder how long it was after signing this letter that Pastor Warren lost his eye sight?!?!?!?

  3. It is clear that the author is in no way interested in the profit of humanity. He is only concerned with his own ends; that everyone see that "Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only hope for mankind."
    I for one am impressed that spiritual leaders are engaging in meaningful attempts at finding middle ground.
    If this fool was truly concerned with the well being of naught but his own ego, and his own petty definitions and interpretations, then he would not be so arrogant as to write this garbage in the first place. Here is an example of human insecurities overriding love despite it's best efforts. For shame, indeed.

  4. Folks that call themselves Christian while being appologists of islam are fulfilling prophecy about the great falling away in these last days.

    Many are going to denounce Christ.

  5. This is the beginning of the one world, triangular religion that will include Christianity/Catholicism, Islam and Judaism... It is the "peace, peace" that the world expects and will welcome.

    Yes, many will be deceived, but the deception has already begun and will continue as those in the Christian church continue to include pagan practices and call it true worship. As they walk in the eastern practices and allow these leaders who dabble in apostasies lead them in their literature, preaching and faith... yes, the false prophets are HERE, and the Christian churches are giving them money and buying their products, welcoming them with open arms.


    Reprobate minds! Be renewed with HIS WORDS!

    WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!! The time is here!!!

    Pretty soon, you will be the minority in Christian circles for thinking this is wrong. MANY will succumb to the deception. Even Messiah told us this in Matthew 24... MANY of the elect will be deceived...
    Stop the pagan practices and get back to TRUE worship of the Father. HE is the SALVATION we need. The Messiah bore HIS NAME. He praised the FATHER and took none upon himself!

    We have been lied to for centuries about Jesus. He is not who we think he is... but he is being revealed in these times. He is Yehoshua, who carries the Father's name, YHVH, and he is the Messiah for all people.
    Search him and find him.

    Call these men what they are: FALSE PROPHETS! Separate yourself from them! Do NOT be a part of them.

    These times MUST come. If you are praying for Messiah to return, you are praying for these times. You cannot have both. This is no time for petitions.... It is time to be discerning and to PRAY and KNOW your Scriptures!! These days, as Messiah said, will be perilous!

    Here they are~ What part will you play in them?

  6. The End Time "Good News", THE BESORAH of YAHUSHA displays on its cover: "Now, what have I here? MY PEOPLE are taken away for naught and those who rule over them make them wail. MY NAME is despised all day contniually! THERFORE MY PEOPLE shall know MY NAME, in THAT DAY, For I AM the ONE who is speaking. See, it is I." Yeshayahu 52:5-6 Isaiah 52:5-6 Page 519
    We see in most all religious writings that our Father's NAME is being "despised" or scratched out of the text only to be replaced by GREEK or Celtic deities/substitutes.
    Webster's Dicionary defines "despised" so one can understand what this statement/declaration is saying to each and everyone of us. By scratching out the LAW GIVERS NAME is wrong and to "DESPISED" His MEMORIAL NAME just adds fuel to His fire. This deliberate behavior is classified as rebellion against "HIS" third command for HIS PEOPLE.
    There are two stumbling blocks with the prophets, sheperds, pastors, teachers and preachers. 1) They do not know and call by NAME the Sheperd that King David served and praised. 2) And almost 99% of the prophets, sheperds, pastors, teachers and preachers have not read from the front page to the last page of any bible or scripture book.
    Why have "they" never wanted to explore history and SEE with their own eyes what THE CREATORS Signature (NAME) looked like?
    In Psalms 23 Verse, David wrote and spoke out very simply: Yahuah is my Shepherd: I DO NOT LACK. Of course it was written in the Hebrew script (font) but David surely knew who he served and as we rea all about David, he was saved from his enemies throughout his life.
    There is only one NAME we are to call on (Acts 2:21) and there is only one NAME that shall be written on our forehead as written in Revelation. That NAME is not GREEK but HEBREW. Who in the world twisted history to record that THE MESSIAH (The anointed ONE) was Greek? He was sent to declare/proclaim "THE NAME" to all.
    Do we know what that one NAME is or has the entire world we been led astray? Pronouns do not count in time of emergencies and neither does ignorancy. Rick Warrren knows better.
    I agree with the comment by Roland: They do not KNOW what they do.
    Love In ALL Ways! Paloma

  7. @Shelby

    "It is clear that the author is in no way interested in the profit of humanity."

    The author said:
    "Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only hope for mankind."

    The author wins!

    Just one point to the author; the Church is not "in a sad state," the wheat are known to His own, so too are the tares.

  8. After reading some of these reviews, it is clear to me that we are coming into that period when those who lovingly reach out to the lost with the rock solid uncompromising message of the Gospel of Christ will be branded as bigots. When we sacrifice truth for horizontal love we sacrifice everything!

  9. http://israeltech.org.za/tag/mine-water/

    Check out this site. There is no reason for gloom and doom.

  10. The only souls that are in jeopardy are those of the Christian Leaders, I use that term liberally in this instance, who put there signatures to this blasphemus statement. They are correct in that there is one God but it is not Allah. Shame on them.

    "Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, through the pretensions of liars whose consciences are seared.....
    (1 Timothy 4:1-5 RSV)

  11. @Shelby

    You are blind.
    Islam is a false religion, based on a Sabian moon god. It is NOT an Abrahamic religion like Christianity and Judaism. Further, islam does not want peace; they want to dominate the world and kill or enslave those who do not accept allah and mohammad.
    Clearly you are not a Christian, because all Christians know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that 'No one comes to the Father but through me'.
    I pray that your eyes will be opened by The One True God, the Triune God of Christianity.
    Any Christian who wants to pursue 'interfaith dialogue' with muslims should first find out what islam teaches. It teaches that muslims are the best of people, and Christians and Jews the worst. They want to completely destroy the Jews and Christians can convert, submit, or be killed.
    You should know what you're talking about before you open your mouth and remove all doubt that you're ignorant.


  13. This idiot has spit in the face of Jesus; he is not a Christian; he is a servant of Satan.

  14. Allah is a demon!

    "This indirect confession of polytheism,(Sura 53:19-22), with the statement that Allah was involved with female goddesses while Muhammad and his people were left with men, was cynically discussed by author Salman Rushdi. He made the impure account even more obscene. Therefore, his book was regarded as blasphemous by all Muslims."


  15. Jacque

    The true Elect will not be deceived. Not possible. Stop quoting partial Scripture out of context.

  16. Allah of the Quran is actually Satan. He supposedly got the Quran from a spirit being that claimed to be Gabriel, but spoke a different story from the Bible. This "Gabriel" contradicted the real Gabriel who foretold the birth of Jesus the son of God. Gabriel's Allah has no son and he definitely is not "love" - hating Jews (God's chosen people) and telling everyone to kill them Jews. Women are supposed to be mentally deficient according to this Allah and can't do much of anything but have children. They must have a guardian, that's how child-like Allah says women are. The man can beat his wife if she does't obey him. This religion is one of slavery, not freedom. Christ came to set the captives free. That means women too. Allah is the antithesis of our God so there can be no common ground without giving up these tenants that go against human decency.

  17. Just about everything is blaspheming to Muslims except Muhammad's early sayings, which were more peaceful than when he started conquering, raping and stealing
    to finance the spread of his religion.