Wednesday, September 30, 2009

U.S. Military Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations To Begin Next Week - Are You Next?

Many Americans would be horrified at the prospect of mandatory swine flu vaccinations, but for all U.S. military personnel there is no choice in the matter. They are being required to take the swine flu vaccine - whether it is safe or not. In fact, it was announced today that members of the U.S. military will begin to receive their mandatory swine flu shots in the next week to ten days.

Air Force General Gene Renuart, the head of U.S. Northern Command, was quite clear when he described how he feels about the swine flu vaccine: "Because I can compel people to get the shots, larger numbers will have the vaccine."

Of course it has been well documented that U.S. military personnel have been used as guinea pigs for experimental vaccines for years and years, but for the U.S. military to recklessly inject all of their personnel with an untested, potentially unsafe vaccine - let's just say that it raises some major red flags.

There are already some very disturbing rumors of a whole ship that reportedly got sick and had to be quarantined after receiving an experimental flu vaccine.....

But it's not just the American military that is being faced with mandatory swine flu vaccinations. Hundreds of thousands of health care workers around the United States are also being forced to take the potentially dangerous vaccine.....

-A new regulation took effect on August 13th that mandates that every single health care worker in the state of New York must take the swine flu vaccine. Penalties for health care institutions that violate this regulation include fines of up to two thousand dollars for the first offense and fines of up to five thousand dollars for subsequent violations. Some nurses and other health care workers in New York are so outraged that they have started to hold protest marches and rallies.

-The Hospital Corporation of America (the largest health care chain in the U.S.) has announced that it is requiring all of their approximately 120,000 employees in 163 hospitals and 112 outpatient clinics to take the seasonal flu vaccine, and they are strongly considering making the swine flu vaccine mandatory as well once they receive more information about its availability.

-Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center has announced that they will require all faculty, staff, students, post-doctoral trainees and volunteers at that hospital to receive the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

So will the swine flu vaccine become mandatory for even more Americans?


So what will you do if the swine flu vaccine becomes mandatory in your school or workplace?

Will you take it?

A lot of Americans are going to be faced with some very tough decisions.

You see, it may seem like taking the shot is the easy thing to do, but the reality is that because of the way the laws are, if you take the swine flu vaccine and something goes terribly wrong you are going to be out of luck. Nobody is going to help you and nobody is going to compensate you for your injury or your death.

Or have we all forgotten what happened in the 1970s? It has been well documented that many more people died or were crippled from the swine flu vaccine than from the swine flu itself. It got so bad that they pulled the swine flu vaccine off the market.

Who says that won't happen again? If you do a Google search for "vaccine dangers" or "vaccine deaths" you will get thousands of articles.

Are you willing to take that chance.

It's something to think about.

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