Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Signs of the End: Christianity and the Warnings at Hand

For many ages, man has thirsted for the knowledge of what is to come. When will Jesus return? What will happen when all is wiped clean and put right in the name of God? It is natural to yearn to know the answers, as we all do. There are though many current circumstances and modern events that are shaping up to point to end times being near. With Christian approach, here are some modern happenings that are certainly conversation-worthy.

1. Militarization and Stockpiling Since WWII, the world’s governments have stopped at nothing to stock the largest possible quantities and most dangerous mass destruction weapons. There are no exceptions and the odds are growing.

2. Tyrants Greatly Empowered As the days pass, leaders of rogue nations and philosophies grow drastically more powerful. Today’s weapons are not what they used to be

3. Global Unrest The masses are unhappy. A look at any news outlet covering any region of the world reflects this more than ever before.

4. World Wide Famine There is currently a food crisis brewing which is of proportions never before seen. Global weather and climate changes are turning region after region into lands of dead and dying crops.

5. Mysterious Animal Deaths Currently a phenomenon is taking place in which different animals are suffering mass death events. Science has yet to identify what is happening in most of these cases.

6. Monetary Failure Amidst greed and other evil reasons, monetary system failure has gone global. Debt buying countries are becoming unable to continue “bail outs.”

7. Proposed Unions New European Unions are being formed at this very moment. Revelations describes current circumstance with authoritative accuracy.

8. Aliyah, The Homecoming As the Bible promises, there will be a massive Jewish Homecoming to Israel. Today, current population numbers and the very real Aliyah, or mass movement to Israel is as never before seen

9. Weather Changes Climate and weather changes are currently very alarming. From bizarre patterns, droughts, floods, earthquakes, glacial melting, and warming climates, everything is changing right now.

10. Moral Decline For those of us familiar with the past, today’s state of morals is much decayed. Crime, evil, and selfishness are the constant in a very misdirected world today.

This is simply a list of ten warning signs that with Christian knowledge, can be used for wisdom on what is shortly to come. There are far more instances of great concern than are listed here though. The time is upon us. Are you on the right ship to salvation?

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