Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is The End Near?

It has been foretold in the book of Revelations that the Day of Judgment will happen at some point in time. For centuries, many people have interpreted a multitude of different happenings as a sign of the end of times. As of yet, it has not come to pass. Events that have occurred recently may be pointing to that time as being near. It is said in the Bible that no one will know of the exact date that Jesus will return. The date may not be known, but it will happen. Here are is some possible evidence pointing to the end of the world coming soon.

1. Natural Disasters- Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes...They are happening. There is no denying that. It seems like once a month you hear of an earthquake striking some part of the world. Tornadoes have ravaged the United States mid-west more than normal in the past few years. Who can forget about hurricane Katrina or more recently, Irene? The devastation brought on by these occurrences is nothing short of biblical. Is it merely a sign that our ecosystem is getting out of whack due to global warming? It is possible. Yet, it could be evidence pointing to the end of days.

2. War- Mass destruction and more...Seems like every country now is developing weapons of mass destruction. Why is it that humans want to destroy each other? War has been taking place since the beginning of time but now people have the power to cause extinction level destruction. Massive wars have been spoken of in Revelations and throughout the Bible. Is it just a coincidence that we are on the verge of World War 3 at all times? It's not very likely.

3. Disease and Famine- Death and hunger...New, genetically altered super viruses are being created in labs every day. It would not take much for one of these to affect the entire population. Most have no cure and maybe virtually undetectable. This is scary. Combine that with the decrease in available food supplies for much of the planet, and you have a viable end of the world scenario. Food shortages used to be delegated to underdeveloped countries but are now spreading to the world's superpowers. A dramatic food shortage and/or mass disease could easily lead to the end.

It does seem a little odd that these possible signs of the end of the world are also tied in with the four horseman of the apocalypse. That seems like more than a coincidence. Whatever the meaning, each of these scenarios has the potential for death and destruction. Are they all simply coincidence, or is this the work of the Lord? It seems only time will tell. 

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