Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get Right With God - Only He Can Fix Things At This Point

(Guest article authored by Dave Webb)

A lot of us still think in terms of right and wrong. I think it is really sad what our political parties offer us as candidates. That statement speaks volumes on what is wrong with our political parties right now. Both parties need to clean house. They need to get rid of basically dishonest people. This last election was a national disgrace of lies and counter-lies. But what was more of a disgrace is the people up for election. At a minimum, people seeking office should have the "appearance" of being honest. There were too many incidents on both sides that were reported by the media. Most people had a really difficult time figuring out who they wanted in office. Those reported incidents played a large part in that.

The mainstream media is owned, lock, stock and barrel by a small percentage of the population. I think the number is 6 percent. And it is owned by a group of very wealthy people. Might want to entertain the thought that they are behind the recent liberal agenda in our Congress. It looks to me like they own both parties in Congress. Look it up. How did the different reps vote on recent issues that mattered? Things like voting away our rights to Constitutional law.

In our educated group of Congress people what do you expect that they will do? Yes they are going for an agenda on both sides of the political parties. That agenda includes gay marriage being legitimatized. It includes gay representation in our Congress. It includes abortion on demand(murdering children for convenience) and a lot of other things like legalizing the smoking of marijuana. I don't smoke anything. I am very particular about what I put in my body. But I know a lot of people over the years that treated marijuana smoking as a modern prohibition law. These people have ignored the law. A lot of people have gone to jail for it.

I actually want illegal immigration stopped. We need to come to the realization that it has gone on for way too long. Who pays income tax on these people? If they are illegal then they are not paying their fair share of taxes anywhere. Are we putting their employers in jail for income tax invasion? No, it is a fine, and go on with life as it is. Just like any cash business, it is under the table and no one pays their freight on it. The entire system is wrong in this case. The victims are often their children. It is time to change that system to something that works for everyone.

The war we need to fight is for the souls of all these people. Both those bought off politicians, the liars, the thieves, the murderers(abortion), the cheats, eventually we all go to death. These people  seem to believe that death is the end of things. We need to explode that lie. Death is the great equalizer of all humanity. Once you are dead, then your entire life is an open book to God. Only he makes judgment at that point. I know of direct evidence that this view of death as the end is wrong.

But convincing anyone is another matter entirely. Basically the only thing we can do is pray for our leaders. God will take care of the rest believe it or not. I know the temptation is to believe nothing will be done. I believe something will be done that has nothing to do with you and me. Only God can change things at this point.

The shift in the next few years is going to have to be to expose the dishonest behavior of people in both parties. A lot of them will end up in jail. Others will get off completely free. Or will they? There is justice within our legal system and justice of God outside that system that seems to occur no matter what we do. I have seen a lot of people in my life that apparently got off free, only later to be caught up in something totally different from what they were accused of. We need to pray for these people above everything else.

Anyone that has seen a young woman that has had an abortion knows what I am talking about. Often years later, you can see the haunted look in their eyes. You can see many of them in our bars getting drunk to seek relief. It doesn't work. The pain is there for anyone to see. The grief process is there. A lot are bitter. A lot are angry.

Only spiritual relief works. Ask any alcoholic or druggie. Their souls are enslaved. They are all ready in a form of hell of their own making. My experience says only changing your life with a religious experience is going to give you that relief.

What we are seeing in the current situation is the beginning not the end. I personally see a great revolution quietly occurring behind the scenes. Like a great ocean liner, it will take time to turn things around. It is ironic that it will occur under Obama's time as President.

And in 2014, we have another chance to change the Congress. In 2016, we can change the President. What I want to see in both parties is total honesty with us, the public. That, of course, is a dream on my part.

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